Our Objectives

Our Objectives

The Nigeria Association of Franchise Business Members (NAFBM) is a trade association committed to the development and promotion of franchising in Nigeria. The objectives of NAFBM are as follows:

  • To educate potential investors and entrepreneurs in Nigeria on fundamentals of franchising.
  • To create an atmosphere in Nigeria that is conducive in attracting foreign franchise companies.
  • To become a central clearing house for franchise companies interested in expansion into the Nigerian market.
  • To pioneer Cooperative Franchising, providing opportunities for small investors to jointly acquire franchises and operate successfully.
  • To cooperate with government regulatory agencies to encourage conducive policies and interventions.
  • To network with other international franchise organisations to share ideas and information.
  • To develop and promote indigenous franchise concepts and brands in Nigeria.
  • To advocate ethical conduct in all transactions and to educate franchise actors and the public.
  • To create a database of all existing franchise operations in Nigeria.

Roles of Nigeria Association of Franchise Business Members

NAFBM is being structured to effectively take up the role of providing guidance and support to franchise operators as in other jurisdictions where franchising is thriving. Such support includes comprehensive information about franchising and franchising opportunities in Nigeria; provision of training, seminars, conference and franchise exhibitions to disseminate information about the Nigerian franchising industry; actively seek collaborative opportunities with other national and international franchising associations. In addition, NAFBM is expected to perform the following roles:

  • Actively advocate for and provide requisite support to the Franchise Institute to promote international best practices in the operations of franchises in Nigeria.
  • Embark on extensive and massive awareness campaigns about its activities and opportunities.
  • Periodically commission surveys, research and fact-finding missions about the Nigerian franchising industry.
  • Encourage, support and canvass for indigenous brands to offer franchises both within and outside Nigeria.
  • Collaborate with other foreign franchise associations and development programmes, to replicate programmes, create awareness and support for association members.
  • Form the fundamental ‘trust broker’ between franchisors and potential or exiting franchisees.
  • Help franchisees to recognize their obligations, and enlighten franchisees on ways of identifying credible franchisors.
  • Promotes ethical franchising practice in the Nigeria, and help the industry develop credibility, influence and favourable circumstance for growth.
  • Inform and influence the legislative, regulatory and public policy decisions that affect franchising in Nigeria.
  • Create content to help franchisees grow and protect their businesses, through targeted communications vehicles and educational events.
  • Promote and increase current and future franchise buyer/ investor education about franchising.
  • Conduct integrated public affairs and education campaigns using both earned and paid media about the franchise model.
  • Educate the public and diverse audiences about franchising, the entrepreneurial opportunities it provides, and its impact on the national, state, and local economies.
  • Deliver programmes and services that provide increased value to members - franchisees, franchisors, and suppliers.
  • Act as the repository of franchise related data, and be a reference point of access for industry operators in the country, including: franchisors, franchisees and service providers.