• How do I pay for my membership subscription?
    Through a bank transfer to the NAFBM account, upload and fill the proof of payment form on the NAFBM website.
  • How will I renew my subscription when it expires?
    A notification will be sent a month to when your subscription is about to expire. Initiate a bank transfer to the NAFBM account, upload and fill the proof of payment form on the NAFBM website
  • I am a Franchisor, service supplier, franchisee, how do I upload the details of my business?
    Create an account, Login into your profile and click on “edit” to change your information. This is subject to approval.
  • Who is a Professional Service Supplier?
    An individual or organization that supplies professional services to franchisors and franchisees.
  • What is the benefit of joining the association?
    This includes but is not limited to:
    • Brand Promotion - NAFBM promotes and facilitate the use of franchising, licensing and branding as a growth strategy for Nigerian enterprises.
    • Partnership - NAFBM Leverages on partnerships with Nigerian government agencies, US immigration with regards to Franchising, International franchise and license bodies.
    • Accreditation for brand - Recognition and Investment opportunities from local and international investors and associations.
    • Networking opportunities with members, veteran franchisors, authorities in the franchise industry stake holders, franchisors and franchisees.
    • Education, Training, Funding assistance.
  • How long does it take to process my membership?
    It takes a maximum of 24 working hours to receive a confirmation email for a successful membership registration.
  • Who should join the association?
    Expected enrollees includes but are not limited to Franchisors, Franchisees, Service suppliers, Prospective Franchisors, Law firms offering franchise services, Franchise product managers of financial institution, Franchise consulting companies and government officials playing regulatory roles for franchisees in Nigeria.
  • Is there any documentation required?
    No documentation is required.
  • What means of payment is accepted?
    A Bank transfer to the NAFBM account is the only accepted means of payment currently.
  • How do I get notified of members new benefits?
    Communication will be sent via email and also published on the NAFBM website advising of new benefits for members.
  • I do not remember my password?
    Click on the “forgot password” option on the login page to generate a new password.